Spring 2014 past schedule

Our current schedule for Spring 2014

When What
Feb 6 Started writing Dijkstra’s algorithm; planning to use Open Street Map data
Feb 13 nobody remembers
Feb 20 Parsed Open Street Map data using HaXml and got it into our problem-specific Haskell representation (or close)
Feb 27 Discovered that 12 CPU minutes are not enough to parse 53MB of XML data. Very depressing
Mar 6 Andrew Gallant will tell us about Rust
Mar 13 (Snow terrifies us.)
Mar 20 Spring break
Mar 27 Caroline Marcks & Andrew Mendelsohn will show code from and present Improvise
Apr 3 Norman will be at CELT
Apr 10 Norman was thinking of looking at Hobbit, but now he’s thinking it might be more fun to spend a couple of weeks implementing closure conversion. If he can get the infrastructure ready…
Apr 17 Max will present Elm and Arduino.
Apr 24
May 1