Fall 2014 past schedule

When What
Sep 4 ICFP (no meeting)
Sep 11 We will use BlockyTalky to build and perform a micro-symphony with computer music devices.
Sep 18 Explored world programs. Extended the whack-a-mole program into a couple of clients that would communicate with a server. Started writing the server and then balked at the extra could we had to write to combine state and effects in a nice way. We learned a bit about universe and had a nice talk about functions and effects. We also played a couple of sounds!
Sep 25. How would we design a nice language, based on ideas from world/universe, that would help us write BlockyTalky music apps. (Also, suppose grad students wanted to write code for BlockyTalky, could we free them from the shackles of the GUI?). Outcome: Lots of ideas, but focus on three different models of message passing. Also, whether it would be worth trying to replace mutable variables with independent processes.
Oct 2 We’re going to try to do some protocol design and enforce conformance using GADTs
Oct 9 Elm: another approach to interaction and concurrency
Oct 16 Coding day! GADTs in action, or rending binary trees for the blind, or something interesting using Elm
Oct 23 Demo of Elm Reactor?
Oct 30 Visit from Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde: programming science simulations for kids
Nov 6 Visit from Tim Atherton: Morpho, a language for simulating the evolution of surfaces (soft-matter physics)
Nov 13 Visit from Michael Ferris
Nov 20 A visit with Ranjit Jhala (Liquid Haskell)
Nov 27 Thanksgiving
Dec 4 Coding project! Ideas include visualizing binary trees and programming Bayesian networks using GADTs