Fall 2012 past schedule

Our past schedule for Fall 2012

When What
Sep 6 No meeting (first week of class)
Sep 13 No meeting (group members away at the International Conference on Functional Programming)
Sep 20 Nix OS (the journal version). Possible discussion topic: could we use Nix or something like it to maintain course web sites as they evolve?
Sep 27 Is Standard ML suitable for machine-learning projects? We looked at code.
Oct 4 Stream fusion makes it possible to combine lots of functions on lists without ever allocating any intermediate lists. We’ll talk about the paper from ICFP 2007
Oct 11 Computing all the permutations of a list. Here’s our code.
Oct 18 No fun today (by popular demand)
Oct 25 Didn’t meet
Nov 1 Building a Sudoku solver (by popular vote)
Nov 8 NR will be in Annapolis
Nov 15 open (final sudoku?)
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day
Nov 29 Sam Guyer, Functional Programming in JavaScript
Dec 6 Visit from Jean Yang, including colloquium