Fun in the Afternoon

This is the wiki of Tuft’s functional-programming group. We meet every Thursday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:30 while school is in session. We talk about ideas, papers, and code. We might read your code—or help you write it!

Some ideas for future discussions:

Interesting papers from ICFP

  • Romeo metaprogramming language

  • higher order optimization (Manticore group)

  • composable continuations (paper may be tough going but talk was really great)

  • Francois Pottier has a very cool paper on implementing type inference with elaboration to F. systemWould be really cool to repressive


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Matt Russell found a cool-looking Haskell course. We might enjoy doing some exercises.


Our upcoming schedule for the future… (Fall 2016 and on)

When What
Oct 27 Free monads with Matt A.
Nov 3 Free monads revisited
Nov 10 Co-monads with Matt A.
Nov 17 Warble and eDSLs with Matt A.
Nov 24 Thanksgiving (Some of us might tackle more CoMonads and Cofree)
Dec 1 Graph structured stacks in a functional setting for ALL(*) parsing with Karl C.
Dec 8 Distributed Lisp PL with Max B. Time change: 2:30pm in H209

Programming ideas

Here are a few ideas Norman had:

  • Get deeper into tagless interpreters. How does IO fit into the story?

Our past lives

Fall 2012 past schedule, Spring 2013 past schedule, Fall 2013 past schedule, Spring 2014 past schedule, Fall 2014 past schedule, and Semesters 2015 past schedule.

We had a lot of fun with a Sudoku Solver

Help create ideas for future activities!

Here are some papers we’ve talked about discussing. They are still hanging fire…

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